The Right Solar Panels for Your Home or Business

Solar panels have come a long way and today there is an option for just about every budget. It’s also important to consider your needs and your long-term goals. Some more affordable options may not be the most efficient at generating solar energy, while pricier options can generate more energy. Finding the right balance of price and performance is our secret talent.

Understanding how your solar energy system works is key to maximizing your output of clean, affordable energy. Photovoltaic (PV) systems function using a principle known as the ‘photovoltaic effect.’ This effect facilitates the conversion of solar radiation from the sun into electricity your home can use.

Solar (PV) Panels capture the sun’s rays, collecting solar radiation that is then sent to the solar inverter.

The Solar Inverter is the heart of your system. This is where the energy from the sun is converted into energy your home can use.

This clean, reliable, affordable energy is then used to power part of all of your home, your farm, or building.

Unused energy generated by your solar energy system can be sent to the grid and sold to the electric company to earn a credit for providing energy for others and reducing the strain on the electric grid, especially during peak use hours.

This process of selling energy back to the electric company is known as net metering. Net metering keeps track of the energy produced by your panels versus the amount of energy used.

A solar panel’s efficiency rating is its ability to generate solar energy. Over time, the panel’s ability to generate energy will decrease, slowly reducing its efficiency. For quality panels, this means by the time it reaches the end of its lifespan at 25 years, nearly 50-80% of capacity remains. If you go for cheap panels made in China, you’re not starting at the same capacity and their ability to do the job will degrade even faster.

That’s why we recommend solar panels produced by reputable companies made in places like the United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan and Germany. Some states even have rebates for using panels made in the US to further incentivize home grown energy solutions. If you use imported solar panels, know that there is now a 15% tariff included for 2021.

Trust Us to Keep Your Roof in Top Shape

Tile, shingles, metal, concrete, asphalt — we’ve seen it all. Leading Solar Solutions is experienced in installing solar panels for all kinds of roofs of any pitch, made from any material with no damage to the home. Our average roof pitch is 35 degrees.

We install solar panels without any damage to your roof and your home. You can be sure that your home will be just as you had it, and better, when your installation is complete.

To be absolutely sure of the installation quality, there are two sets of inspections that will take place to make sure your roof is not damaged.

  • Before installation, we survey the roof and communicate any necessary repairs to ensure a secure install of your panels.
  • After installation, we survey the roof once more to ensure there are no issues with the seal of your home and that none of the panels have created any holes in the roof that could cause leaks.