Our solar energy systems have an expected lifespan of 25 years or more once installed.  However, keep in mind that expected life expectancy doesn’t mean the panels will stop producing electricity after a few decades. In means that their energy production will slowly decrease by what manufacturers consider optimal operating efficiency to meet your growing energy needs.

Going solar is a home improvement that can not only lower your energy bill from day 1, but it can also boost your property value as much or more than a kitchen renovation. Today’s eco-conscious buyers are taking notice of homes with built-in sustainable selling points like clean energy. But this only holds true if you own your system, and don’t lease it.

Our solar panels and solar energy systems generally require little to no maintenance. Once a year or so you can opt to have your panels cleaned, as any dust and debris could be keeping your panels from generating maximum output, but generally the effect is negligible. Should there any problem, issue, concern with your solar energy system, please contact the Leading Solar Solutions team as soon as possible and we will work to resolve and correct the issue.

Our solar panels typically come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, and we give a 5-year labor warranty on the installation. We are proud of our work and the products we use and stand behind them 100%.

YES! This is called net metering. Excess energy generated by your home can be sold back to the utility company for credits on your bill that goes towards the cost of energy you use when your system isn’t generating enough solar, like at night or when it’s cloudy. And while there are still a few places in the US where utilities do not buy back excess solar energy sent into the grid, there is pending legislation to change this. In fact, Kansas just passed a law to compel utility companies to buy excess solar energy, and soon every state in the country will follow suit.

Whether your home is a good fit for solar depends on many factors, like how much available roof space you have, and how much or how little of your energy use you want to offset with solar. Talk to one of our representatives to determine the best plan for your solar energy solutions.

The cost of going solar has gone down 20% over just the last 5 years. After taking advantage of the federal solar investment tax credit, the average cost of a solar energy system in the US is $20,000. With the right financing opportunities, you can be paying less each month for your solar energy system than you currently pay for energy from the utility company.

We are a nationwide company based in the United States with the ability to install solar energy from coast to coast.

Every home that goes solar has a big impact on our environment. Over 20 years, the typical rooftop home solar system in Illinois reduces CO2 emissions by close to 157 metric tons. That’s equal to the amount of CO2 absorbed by 3,500 trees, or about the same as driving 420,000 fewer miles.


We operate sustainably, responsibly, and effectively, shepherding in the future of clean energy while providing energy-efficient solutions for our customers’ energy demands.