Accelerating a More Sustainable Future with EV Chargers

Electric vehicles are trending, and for good reason. They are climate friendly, good for the pocketbook, and create American jobs. Private consumers started this shift, and private industry was only too happy to go along. Today, the federal and state governments are starting to mandate an industrial shift to ev vehicles.

Your options as a consumer for EV vehicles are increasing quickly. There an electric option for almost every car brand. By 2035, Jaguar, Bentley, Cadillac, Mini Cooper, Volvo, and GM are planning to shift to fully electric vehicles. We cannot forget to mention the fully electric vehicle brands like Tesla, Lucid, Nio, and Rivian.

With so many options to purchase electric cars, it is crucial to remember the need for a car charger. You will not be able to fully embrace your electric car without one! Leading Solar Solutions offers a full range of car charger installations, from levels 1-3. We are also certified maintenance providers for residential and commercial car chargers.

Selecting the Right Charging Solution

There are three levels of EV chargers, each defined by its varying charge rate and use cases. At home and at work are the most common places to plug-in and charge-up an electric vehicle. The best charging stations allow EV’s to charge whenever they need power. Most of our customers find that level 2 chargers strike the right balance for their use and have remained the standard for commercial and residential charging alike.

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Level 1 chargers are basic EV chargers that charge via your standard 120 volt household outlet. This offers a mere four-to-five miles of range per hour of charging. That means it would take 75-80 hours to fully charge an EV with a 400-mile range. If you don’t plan to drive it often or for very long periods of time, this type of charger may suffice. Level 1 chargers aren’t right for most drivers, however. Most start with Level 2 or eventually upgrade down the line.

View our downloadable PDF to see charging time for your vehicle for each of the three charger levels.

Level 2 chargers are the standard for daily charging taking in 200+ volts and charging an EV anywhere from 12 to 60 miles of range per one hour of charging (depending on how much power the charger can supply and how much power the EV battery can accept at once). That means you can get a full battery charge during the work day, or parked at home charging overnight. These chargers use about the same amount of energy as a washing machine or refrigerator or other large appliance.

We highly recommend this type of charger to an EV owner. Level 2 chargers are the best option for everyday drivers who want to guarantee a full tank every day.

Level 3 chargers, also known as superchargers or DC chargers, work at much faster rates than any other charger level. They can deliver over 800 volts of energy for rapid-fire electric fuel. Your EV can charge to 80% in as little as 20-to-30 minutes. But, these supercharger superstars are hard to come by, and can cost as much as $50,000 to purchase and install. Typically, you’ll find these bad boys at shopping centers, commercial buildings, or along highways.

Download our EV Charging Times PDF

Download our EV charging times sheet to check charging times for popular vehicles.