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LSS - Power Purchase Agreement

Leading Solar installs panels on your home and sell you the power it produces. We arrange everything from design, permitting and system installation to the point where you pay less for your electric bill.

Financing Option Two

Not everyone can buy a solar system outright with cash and with this option you can have your system installed with $0 upfront costs and low monthly payment. A solar loan is a good deal, as you still save money with solar power but also you will fully own your system once it’s paid off, providing you with free electricity year after year.

Financing Option Three

This is the perfect option for customers looking to own their solar panel system immediately.  It requires a financial investment up front and gives you the opportunity to maximize your savings right away. Solar Purchase gives you an immediate increase in the value of your home by adding solar.

Let Us Show You the SOLUTION

We operate sustainably, responsibly, and effectively, shepherding in the future of clean energy while providing energy-efficient solutions for our customers’ energy demands.